Camille Lutrat Vidacek, Creator & Founder of Believe

Camille Lutrat Vidacek is the founder of Believe, Camille has been practicing energy healing for over 9 years. Her passion and commitment to this field are based on a special gift that enables her to bring healing and liberation of the soul to those she helps. She channels the energies of the universe to facilitate the healing and balancing of her clients' bodily and spiritual energies.

Just over two years ago, Camille made the decision to travel to Bali, a place renowned for its spiritual ambience and atmosphere conducive to personal development. Her goal was to deepen her natural gift and acquire new knowledge by training with local shamans. The trip gave her the opportunity to delve even deeper into the world of energy healing, and to develop her skills to better serve her customers.

Camille Lutrat Vidacek is an inspiring example of someone who has dedicated her life to the exploration and practice of energy healing, continually seeking to raise her skill level and share her talents for the well-being of others. His approach reflects a deep devotion to the power of energy healing and connection to the universe to promote health and well-being.

Ida Bagus Ketut Wijaya Putra and his wife Abhyudaya


Ida Bagus Ketut is also known as Atu Aji. His gift, and that of his wife, enables him to transform bad energies into positive ones. Born into a family of healers, Atu Aji can also connect with your soul, enabling you to explore your past lives. He has also been a palm reader and numerologist for many years. He organizes purifications with holy and sacred waters so that people can rid themselves of emotional poisons and energy blockages.

TIWI Yoga teacher


Tiwi, from her Balinese origins, knows the secrets of elevation through yoga, an ancestral practice that connects soul and body to a divine power, so that we can reconnect with our deepest selves. Her method enables you to balance the sacred masculine and feminine, to connect yin and yang, through various postures that will bring you harmony and well-being. Let Tiwi's guidance surprise you!